Science Projects

The Serenity operation base allows for many scientific projects to flourish. Some of them are still being discussed, but there are a few directions of what we want to achieve:

– Better understand the sharks populations. This is done using several projects, such as but not limited to the maintenance of databases, tagging studies, behavior studies, genetic studies and more.

– Better understand the sharks movements – at short and large scales, using ID and tagging – with a potential extension to the whole Indian Ocean.

– Better understand the ecology and movement/activity patterns of some shark species by mixing data from daily visual observation and tagging.

– Monitor the ecosystem evolution over time with the presence of the operation –  and ultimately make it an example to help with other ecosystem boosting projects around the world.

– Allow the ecosystem and biodiversity to flourish by daily impact and arrangement.

– Raise Awareness and speak with local actors as well a tourists to spread the right information and help shaping a better world.

– Be a support for any actor that need our skills and expertise.

– Be an incubator for the many science projects to come, from empirical research to conservation.

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