Our Vision

Ecosystems around the world have, and still often are, suffering from human development.

What if human development could instead restore and empower ecosystems ?

We believe in finding solutions. While scientific research is a amazing tool to be included in every aspect of life, there are sometimes situations where science lack of tools, data or simply time to respond to urgent needs. In that case, integrating scientific research with a solution-based process can lead to amazing results.
The Serenity Project base itself on years of experience and the best available scientific results. Our project leaders are experts in their fields and working together with local authorities, adapting to local circumstances. As a team we integrate all aspects to create a plan and program that fits all.

 We don’t believe an absolute ecological strategy – negating the many other aspects surrounding it – is realistic in the current world. Instead, we have to take ALL the pieces of the puzzle, and make plans that incorporate those aspect into an integrative solutions – and YES, it’s possible, and it’s the only way to build a better future.

We have to break the myth in which conservation is an enemy of economy and growth, where everything must have compromises. Nature is our best teacher, let’s learn from it !

From our experience we also find that best results are obtained by working toward solutions on a local scale, steps by steps, and that the sum on local positive projects then resonates at a global scale.

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