Can’t we just leave sharks alone ?

That would be great isn’t it ? Well, in some rare, remote place, it is the case. There are no people here or just a few scientists or military, so some shark micro-populations are mostly left alone.

What about the rest of the world, where people live, where people visit, where people fish… ?

So much damage have already been done there, and is still being done, that the shark populations are close to extinction. Sharks barely survive, and sometimes their despair leads to unusual behavior, for example the attacks on surfers in La Réunion. And still everyday, and (almost) everywhere: pollutions, wastewater, tourism, fishing, building, habitat destruction, etc, etc…

So we are not leaving the sharks alone, because of all these things. We have destroyed and are destroying their habitats and lives. Working with the sharks on a program like Serenity is trying to repair and compensate those things so we can slowly restore the system as much as possible.

So if you think “leaving the sharks alone” is better than working with them using feeding among other things: yes, in the few rare remote places where there is no human activity. Everywhere else, we must do something to help them cope !

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