Answers to common questions

We have tried to list all the questions / concerns you may have – but if you have any not listed here, or want additional precisions, please email This section is still under construction – Click to expand answers
Are sharks not too dangerous to work with ?

Is this operation not going to have a negative effect on the sharks or the ecosystem, by modifying the Natural way of things ?

But, will the sharks not stop hunting the way they normally do, or start staying on the same spot instead of exploring the Ocean like they are supposed to ?

What would happen if people come to swim, snorkel or dive near your operation ?

What are the positive effects of such an operation on the Ecosystem ?

Are the sharks not going to associate people/scuba-divers with food and therefore become more dangerous when they go to other places ?

Is there a risk to attract sharks that shouldn’t be in this area, for example coming from nearby islands and countries ?

I have seen some shark dive operator promoting chumming instead of feeding. What do you think ?

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