Key Points and Description

The Serenity Project consist of setting-up a chosen location to become a empowering source for biodiversity and ecosystem. We work underwater every day the weather permit, to complexify and increase biomass and biodiversity. The main tool we use are… sharks !  We have now resolved the question of wether or not shark provisioning is good or bad, and we know how to make it just right for it to benefit all ecosystems (including the sharks), and more ! Other tools includes reef building including coral arrangement, protected area management, monitoring, invasive species control, pollution control, education and more !

Using cutting-edge knowledge, skills and expertise, the Serenity Project allows for a number of benefits. Those benefits applies for the sharks, for the ecosystem, for the local communities, for the visitors and for governments, while allowing for important scientific research to be carried out.

This allows for the following :

  • We REDUCE the sharks likelihood to attacks people in a very large area
  • We INCREASE ecosystem productivity and biodiversity
  • We DISCOVER new, important things about the life of sharks
  • We PROMOTE knowledge, education and conservation
  • We CREATE new Ocean-based economy
  • We EMPOWER Eco-tourism and sustainability
  • We ADD Prestige to all the local actors, business and partners

What are the steps to achieve this ?

– Setup an area at sea to promote and empower conservation and scientific research.

– The main project will be to setup a shark provisioning operation to boost the ecosystem as well as start a database and several other project based on sharks. The Sharks we work with are trained and learn human being are allies and not food, and become less dangerous very quickly.

– This main operation will serve as a base for many other scientific and/or conservation projects, including from oversea scientists. This includes ecosystem monitoring but we have a lot of incoming projects as well – Tracking, database, behavior, education, conservation, and more !

– Work together with all sea users, in particular tourism operators and local fishermen.

– Setup a “base” on the mainland that will allow for visitors as an education center, and spread new conservation projects from there and raise awareness.

– Allow for volunteers or members to visit our operation at sea, making the education process a full-on experience.

– more to come – We work toward the development on new technology to collect new and unique data from sharks, and have an increasing number of partners who wish to work with us.

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